Carnal Sin (Straight up Spiced Apple)

We're a Pear  (Simply Pear)

Boggs (Cranberry Pear)

She's a Peach  (Peach)

Cheri Cheri (Cherry-lightly oaked)

The Bee's Knees (Honeyed Apricot)

Sing the Blues (Blueberry) coming soon

White Wines
Moonlight & Shadows (Sauvignon Blanc)

Cool Breeze (Pinot Grigio)

Ring Around the Moon (Chardonnay)

Cornsilk (Viognier)

Paintbrush  (Viognier, Chardonnay, and Riesling Blend)

Whispers in the Wind (Piesporter) 

Full Moon (Gewurztraminer)

Birch Bark (Riesling)  

​Spring Mist (Niagara)

Red Wines

Eclipse (Pinot Noir)

Thunderhead (Grenache, Mourvedre, and Syrah Blend)

Restless Cat (Barbera)

Predator (Merlot)

MichaelRose (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Serenity (Malbec)

​Blue Ridge Road Trip (Vieux Chateau du Roi)

Memories (Nebbiolo)

Pinnacle (Old Vine Zinfandel)

Epiphany (Meritage)

Ghostwalker (tastings on the first full weekend of the month only)


Flavors vary from week to week

  Lime Margarita

  Strawberry Lemonade


  Apple Pie

  Peach Bellini


And new cider slushies coming as perfected!

Anticipated start date 2018: 5/18

Anticipated end date 2018: 9/30


Dessert Wines   (Seasonal)

First Snow (Late Harvest Riesling)

Black Ice (Cabernet Franc Ice Wine)

Glacier (Riesling Ice Wine)

Dickens (Apple Cranberry Blend)

Falling Star (Orange Chocolate Port)

Poetry (Chocolate Hazelnut Port)

Reminisce (Toasted Caramel Port)

Sleigh Ride (Raspberry Mocha Port)

Catching Snowflakes (Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel)

Espresso Yourself (Coffee Port)  

When Figs Fly (Vanilla Fig Port)  

Black Forest (Chocolate Cherry Port)

Heartsong (Chocolate Raspberry Port)

Campfire (Toasted Marshmallow Port)



Sweet Wines
Afternoon Delight (Citrus Blend)

Telling Secrets (Peach Chardonnay)

Orchard Delight (Green Apple Gewurztraminer)

Fireflies (Pear Pinot Grigio)

Lemonade Stand (Hard Lemonade)

Lazy Days (Hard Limeade)

Skinny Dippin' (Strawberry Rhubarb)

Catnip (Cranberry Chianti)

The Cat's Meow (Raspberry Zinfandel)

Dare to Dream (Black Cherry Pinot Noir) 

Wildflowers (Pomegranate Wildberry Zinfandel) 

Blue Skies (Blackberry Merlot)