Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Wine & Cider Tasting 

We do tastings whenever we are open unless we have an event in progress.  We will usually discontinue formal tastings prior to the event, in order to have time to prepare for it.  We do not start tasting experiences after 5:30 PM.

Wine Tastings:     

5 wines of your choice:

Regular Wines:

          1/2 oz pour    $   6.00

            1  oz pour     $12.00 

            2  oz pour     $24.00


Dessert Wines (Seasonal):

          1/2 oz pour    $  9.00

            1  oz pour     $18.00

Any tasting served as a flight +$2.00   



 ‚ÄčCider Tastings:

     Single sample (4 oz)  $2.00

      6 samples (4 oz each)  $12.00 


Unfilled Jugs     Cider Fill/Refill

32 oz $7.00        32 oz  $20.00

64 oz $8.50       64 oz $40.00

CRW will not fill any growler not a CRW growler. 

CRW will not wash or sanitize any growler.


We want to make sure that you have a great time at our winery.  If you are a group of 5 or more, please let us know you are coming.  Reservations are strongly recommended on weekends.   To make a reservation, please call (704) 788-2746.

5 Wines + 5 French Broad Chocolates

    Options:  All Red Wines

                     All White Wines

                     Mixed Red & White Wines


 By Reservation Only  (704) 788-2746