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Mercer's Wine Ice Cream

We decided to look for a really great wine ice cream to carry since we sell wine and because we are in the Old Creamery building where some of the best ice cream (Cabarrus Creamery) was made. We found just what we were looking for with Mercer's.  This wine ice cream is amazing, and has been reviewed in "Gourmet" and "Epicurious" magazine, to name just a couple.  It is 5% alcohol, so definitely not for the under 21 crowd.  The flavors we carry:

                          Chocolate Cabernet

                          Cherry Merlot

                          Lemon Sparkling

                          Peach White Zinfandel

                          Red Raspberry Chardonnay




                          Strawberry Sparkling

                          Spice (not always in stock)

       Available in pints and cups (limited               flavors)


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                    No outside food, please.