What's in a name....

Probably the most asked question we get is "How did you come up with the name?" The short version of the story is "Our dog chased one up our driveway".  The longer, more interesting version is:  We were building a cabin up in the Leatherwood Mountains (in Ferguson, NC).  One afternoon as I walked up the driveway with our doberman, Elliot, I saw something about 300 feet away laying on the ground looking into the ravine.  My first thought was "Why is that deer laying there?"  Elliott saw it too and before I knew it, he was running full speed to check out the "deer".  As he got closer the "deer" stood up a bit and looked at us.  Hmmm,  not a deer face, but it still didn't click until Elliott was nearly on top of it. As it stood up more, I saw the tail come up.  Well over 2 feet of tail.  Cat tail.  I knew exactly what I was looking at and was in complete awe.  The two of them took off up the driveway, around the arch.  At one point, I heard the cat hiss at Elliott and knew I needed to run back to the cabin to get Tom and the shotgun, not wanting to think about what we would find when we got back.  When we got back to where I had been, Elliott came loping toward us, looking over his shoulder with not a mark on him.  I think that since he had been schooled on what happens if you get hissed at and continue to be an idiot by our house cats, he understood that this was no house cat and even a 95 lb doberman was no match for this thing.  I guess they just stared at each other for a moment or two and decided that neither of them wanted to tangle with the other, and they went their separate ways. 

It was at while we were at the cabin that we decided to go for it and start our very own winery...and this is where the name came from :)  

We are thrilled to be included on the North Carolina Wine Map! ncwine.org is a wonderful resource for anything you want to know about wines and wineries in the great state of North Carolina. Click here to download your own map!


Several years ago, we attended a wine festival and fell in love with wine and the idea of making our own. This led to a few trials of making wine and, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Our little hobby has turned into a way of life and we are thrilled to be able to operate our own small winery. Cougar Run Winery offers limited quantity, hand crafted wines. Since we found this hobby so enjoyable, we have also decided to introduce others to wine making and to provide them with the equipment they will need to be successful at home. If there is something you need, call us. Whether you are a novice or an experienced vintner, we are here for you and we love to share ideas and stories.

From a dream of a less hectic way of life...